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4 Reasons Why you Should Play Board Games with your Family


If you’re looking for a good way to spend more time with your family members, playing around with them is possibly the best solution. Instead of investing your time in a cinema watching a film where you cannot speak to each other, it will be better to simply start playing board games with your children and spouse.

Playing board games not only encourages you to spend time together but also keep your minds sharp. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely play board games Adelaide with all your family members:

1. A good excuse to spend time together

Playing board games such as monopoly, are a good excuse to spend time together no matter what else you guys are planning to. Playing these games keep you engaged with your family members for longer periods of time. You can play these games for hours without getting in touch with your technology. This is a great way to spend time together without constantly checking phones.

2. A great escape from technology

Our lives are filled and loaded with extremely and intensive technological items. In order to make sure you are able to escape from technology, this is the best way to do it. Playing board games is an amazing way to skip using technology meanwhile sustaining the fun factor in your free time. This is a way to relax your eyes, maintain your energy and still have a lot of fun without being technological advanced.

3. An amazing way to stay energetic

stay energetic

Playing board games are an amazing way to stay mentally alert and active. They not only challenge your intelligence but also your cleverness and sustain your ability to enjoy and have a good time. This is the perfect way to have a good and fun afternoon with your family without worrying about which person will be interested in playing or not. It will rather be easier to play board games with everyone as every age group can be easily involved and enjoyed throughout the game.

4. A game catering everyone

You must remember watching some movies which were not suitable for your children or vice versa. The great thing about board games is that they are suitable for all age groups. Anyone with passion, cleverness and agility can easily play board games and have fun. There is nothing else needed except enthusiasm and a little competitiveness. There is nothing wrong with having those traits no matter what your age may be.

In order to ensure everyone is having a good time and staying on top of their alertness and energy level. It is very important to make sure you are competing with everyone and everyone in the family is being involved in playing these good board games.

How to find games on Facebook

Are you tired of the adventures of Farmville? Would you like to challenge your friends and spend some time on Facebook playing some new games? Yes, I know, you do not know where to find a good list of Facebook games that are safe to install and fun to play. And in fact I’m here for this!

Today I want to explain how to find games on Facebook using the best resources available on the Net, or the same Facebook and a free Internet site that collects all the best games for the social network of Mark Zuckerberg with videos, screenshots and reviews in Italian. So, are you ready to start?

To find out how to find games on Facebook while remaining within the famous social network, connected to its main page and click on the entry Applications in the left sidebar. On the page that opens, click on Game Requests and you will see a list with all the invitations to games received from your friends.

Scroll through the page until the end of the requests of friends and you will find three buttons with a list of games Recommended by Facebook, or successful video games that the staff of the social network advises you to try. By clicking on the other two buttons located next to Recommended , you can view a list of News (ie the newest games of the moment) and Friends Games (ie the games that most play your Facebook friends).

To play one of the games found in these three lists, just click on its title first and then on Continue (if you use the secure https connection) and Allow . In this way, you will proceed to the installation of the new game on your profile and you can start having fun with it.

If the list of games provided by Facebook does not satisfy you, you can find games on Facebook of all kinds on Games , an Internet site in Italian that collects all the best video games for the social network of Mark Zuckerberg with lots of screenshots, videos , reviews and user rating.

To consult the list of games reported on games , you do not have to do is connect to the main page of the site and browse through the various CATEGORIES of games available in the bar at the bottom left on the home page. Then click on the name of the game you want to try to view the details (images, video and review in Italian) and go to the address indicated under the heading Link to try it in person on Facebook.

How to activate Game Mode in Windows 10

Are you a hardcore gamer? Then it is the case that you pay attention to the latest news introduced by Microsoft. With Creators Update , the major update released last April 11, the Californian company has launched, along with other features, also the game mode .

It is a system that allows you to optimize the PC for gaming , disabling all processes not necessary for the operation of the game. In particular, the game mode  improves CPU and GPU performance, essential for modern video games . To make the most of the potential of the computer during the game you will not have to do is enable the new feature. And believe it is very simple. How? The first step is to go to the settings . Click on “Start” and from here on the gear icon. At this point you have to enter “Game Mode” and select “Use Game Mode”.

How to activate the “Game Mode”

We finished? Almost. After enabling it, the game mode to be used must be activated for each video game launched . Also in this case the procedure is quite easy. Once you have chosen and started the game, you will have to launch what Microsoft calls the “Game bar”. To do this, all you have to do is press the Windows key (that is the one with the Windows 10 logo) plus the letter G. At this point a small horizontal bar will open. Click once again on “Settings” and finally enable the game mode.

Obviously, only users who have upgraded Windows 10 to Creators Update are able to use the new feature . Check your version. To do this go to “Settings” and then to “Updates and Security”. From here, check if new updates are available and install them.